We have been fighting client battles, and winning since 1992.  We do not deal in nonsense, and only work with clients who want to win, and should win.

Our primary focus is helping emerging health-tech companies, however, we also do litigation when we deem there to be a social injustice.

Opposition Quotes:  (Basically people who don’t like me)

“Who was that animal.” (Defendant to my client after settlement)

“In my 30 years no one ever talked to me that way.  I despise him, but we settled.”

“Tough, but always fair. I was impressed that he really does care about his clients.”

Testimonials:  (Basically people who do like me)

“Dr. Platkin has done work that is truly miraculous for me – it’s never about his ego, and always about fixing the problem.”

“I’ve been working with Charles for 20 years, and he is a lifesaver. Not conventional, but that’s not what I want. I just want my problem fixed.”

“He never takes a case he can’t win, it’s a rule.  So when he will not represent me, I know I better move on, and that I have no case.”

“He’s more of a fixer, than a lawyer. I feel like calling him when my husband and I have a fight, I know in 5 minutes he’ll calm me down, and tell me exactly what to do.”


Platkin Law ONLY works with clients who  have been recommended and referred by other clients, and fully vetted.  There are NO exceptions.